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ASEBAL Metal Beam Barriers
Asebal Metal Beam Crash Barriers are registered Safety Barriers of AUXILIAR DE SEÑALIZACIONES Y BALIZAMIENTOS S.L, (ASEBAL) Spain, a company specialized in equipments for roads and solar installations. Asebal metal beam barriers are sold in 30 countries worldwide including Europe, Latin America and Australia with India being its latest addition.

Asebal barriers are tested and approved to both European EN-1317 and American NCHRP:350 standards including a specialized product for motorcycle barriers. Asebal systems supplied in India are in accordance with latest IRC and MORTH guidelines.

We have installed over 1000 km of ASEBAL Crash Tested Systems in 35 NHAI and MORTH Projects in India
The vidoes below are in test conditions, with vehicles at high speed and without any driver to control the
vehicle (worst case scenario). The speed of the videos has been slowed down considerably for better viewing experience.
Selected Projects
In India ASEBAL crash barriers are supplied in accordance with latest IRC and MORTH guidelines including IRC SP:87:2013, IRC:SP:84:2014, IRC:SP:73:2015, IRC:99:2013 and IRC:119:2015.

From IRC:119:2015 (Specification Page):
"The metal safety barriers shall be compliant with test acceptance criteria of European EN 1317-2 standard or NCHRP 350 for containment levels of N2, H 1 and H2 or NCH RP 350 for containment levels TL-3 and TL-4. The manufacturer shall provide all applicable crash test reports that confirm the barrier to have passed the crash tests conducted by an international accredited crash testing laboratory"