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Transparent Reflective Noise Barriers
Technical Description
The PANACOR MT15 acoustic panel is specially designed to reduce noise in areas where there are no buildings on the opposite side of the road where they are going to be installed and when minimal visual impact is required.

These are screens that reflect noise and are generally made of sheets of poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA), also known as Plexiglas, Lucite or Perspex.
The PANACOR MT15 panel is made up of a sheet of extruded colourless or tinted PMMA that is fitted into the metal sections forming the support structure (HEA/HEB standard steel sections) by means of Z-shaped galvanised steel sections, which create a perimeter that affords stability and strength and holds each part in place if they should be broken.

The size of these Z-shaped stiffeners depends on the distance between the screen support sections and the forces the screen is to be subject to as a result of wind pressure or suction by passing road vehicles or trains.

The acoustic panels PANACOR MT15 features an excellent stability outdoors against UV radiation. Even after years of exposure to
solar radiation, the sheets do not show significant variations in their properties.

The panels are made of 15mm PMMA sheets and they are transparent with which a screen with great visual permeability is obtained.
You should know
Structural Components
The support structure for the fence is made up of HEA/HEB metal posts on a welded base plate, both complying with grade IS 2062d EN 10025. Posts and base plates are galvanised and powder coated to meet the requirements of standards EN 1461 and EN 15773.
The bond between the “Z” shaped profiles and the PMMA panel is sealed by the placement of EPDM joints allowing the panel dilatations. They also prevent acoustic leaks in the contact zone between the profile and the panel..
It exists the possibility of using translucent colored methacrylate in different blue, green shades, etc... A minimum amount is required depending on the color choosen..