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Mixed / Hybrid Noise Barriers
A Transparent Panel System only Reflects (Isolates) the Noise Pollution and is thus good when there is nothing to protect on the other side for example a road with only Houses/ Buildings on one side only whereas a Metallic Panel not only Isolates the Sound but Also Reduces (Absorbs) it but is fully opaque in Nature.

In Locations where certain amount of transparency is imperative it is possible to install the PANACOR Systems using both transparent as well as Metallic Panels.
The Ideal Solution.
Using a purely reflective barrier especially in an Urban Climate where in-habitation exists on both sides of the Road Surface can be counter productive as it only reflects and eventually the Noise escapes from the confines of the barrier walls.

The PANACOR Metallic Panels as well as Transparent Panels can be installed on the same HEA/HEB Beam Posts giving birth to a Hybrid Barrier which actually reduces/absorbs sound while still providing the required transparency.

The Height of the Transparent and Metallic Panels can be decided as per the requirements of the client