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W Beam
Asebal W-Beam Safety Barriers (MBSB) are Crash Tested and Approved Crash Barrier Systems developed to both European EN-1317 and American NCHRP:350 / MASH Testing Norms. These systems are designed to allow flexibility of the barrier when impacted, thus reducing the impact on the inhabitant of the vehicle.

The flexibility in the barrier also improves its weight bearing capacity as well ability to handle higher centers of gravity as the energy of the impact is dissipated over a period of time. The same has been recognized by the Indian Roads Congress as well as Ministry of Road Transport & Highways in the first edition of Guidelines for Traffic Barriers published in 2015 (IRC:119:2015). The specifications in the guidelines only allow crash tested W-Beam barriers to be deployed on Indian Roads, Highways and Expressways.

The ASEBAL W-Beam systems are tested and approved for High Containment as per EN-1317 and in compliance with IRC and Morth Guidelines
Types of Systems
1. Regular Height W-Beam System
2. Tall (Double) W-Beam System

The ASEBAL W-Beam Barriers are installed directly into the soil (without the use of concrete) using a specialized Pile Driving Machine. This improves the flexibility in the system as well as making them cost effective and environment friendly.
Two Wave Beam with Post Centers 2 meters apart.
Two Wave Beam with Post Centers 4 meters apart.
Three Wave Beam with Post Centers 1.5 meters apart.
Two Double Wave Barriers installed vertically with spacer and Post Centers 2 meters apart.