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Thrie Beam
The ASEBAL Three Wave Beam (or Thrie Beam) System is Crash Tested for European EN-1317 norms and offers the highest containment with least impact severity. It has a distinct advantage over the traditional Thrie Beam system used in India (with a block out spacer) as it is able to contain much heavier vehicles like trucks and buses, whereas the traditional barrier fails for larger vehicles.

The ASEBAL Thrie Beam Safety Barrier works better than the modified Thrie Beam as it is more flexible and is thus able to contain larger vehicles.

The ASEBAL Thrie-Beam Barriers are installed directly into the soil (without the use of concrete) using a specialized Pile Driving Machine. This improves the flexibility in the system as well as making them cost effective and environment friendly.

Three Wave Beam , Modified Spacer with Post Centers 1.5 meters apart.